Out of The Box Engineering

En·gi·neer·ing (ĕn′jə-nîr′ĭng)

The application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems.

The profession of or the work performed by an engineer.


  • Divergent thinking

    a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions

  • Problem Solving

    Our problem solving techniques are specific for each project and are specialised in the following fields, computer science, engineering and mathematics.

  • Optimalisation

    We analyse and improve all technical and financial aspects of your project.

  • Execution

    Hardest part of optimising is "getting it done". At Otb-Engineering this is one of our key features.


About Otb-Engineering

We have a unique approach by not being "yet another" engineering company. OTB-Engineering has recently joined forces with a cutting edge software developer. Stefan Kerkohofs business owner of MVP-Software together with René De Ren from OTB-Engineering will raise the bar for many years to come.

A recent pilot project shows that by proper analysis we can save certain industries up to thousands of Euro's monthly by investing in new technologies and comparing them properly against one another. This is why we have started a company that specializes in energy analysis and optimizations. Contact us to obtain more details.


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Meet The Team

Our team consists out of the right people for the job.Want to know what we have been up to the last years? Request our resume!

  • "> 8 Years of mechanical engineering and project engineering in an international environment."

    René De Ren

    Managing Director Otb-Engineering
  • ">25 years of experience in Software devolopement and project management in an international enviroment."

    Stefan Kerkhofs

    Managing Director MVP-Software

Service we offer

See below for a short overview of services we can offer.

  • Design

    We assist you with the preparation of your engineering projects. Draw up design notes, detailed plans, project plans and budget plans. We are experienced with the latest software and are keen on automation. We are usually involved until the project is handed over for approval to the client. On request we can assist you with our continued support during construction phase and to make as-builts after the project has been realized.

  • Project management

    We follow up on the quality, planning and budget of the works in a detailed way with a strong mindset on safety. The project manager of the project will make sure that the right focus,people and effort will be made to deliver the key aspects to deliver a project safe and qualitative.

  • Support Services

    We can offers technical-administrative consultancy to support in our study office or on the construction site. They assist project by getting the documents in an orderly manner filed and ready to be sent out to the client as they wish to receive it. The teams consists of experienced calculators and document controllers.Due to our highly automated environment and novelty approach the support services have a lot more time to focus on quality rather than quantity.

  • Construction

    As no other we know what it means to have qualified personnel on the job to follow up construction. This is why we spend most of our time trying to find just the right people and giving them the support so they are set up for success. Because we do not simply out source the people without the proper guidance and support we guarantee that they are followed up continuously and closely.

Recent Engineering Releases

Free files released to public for you to download and use.

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  • Design
  • Mechanical Calculators
  • Time Management
  • Proces Calculation

Geometrical triangle calculator

Categorie -Design

Piping Sliding Chart

Categorie -Design

Beam Between 2 Anchors

Categorie -Mechanical Calculators


Categorie Mechanical Calculators

ON REQUEST - T post + torsion

Categorie -Mechanical Calculators

Mobile application

UI Design

Fluid Flow Calculator

Categorie -Process calculators

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Engineering is about collaborating and putting our minds together to create better and faster tools.If you are finding our free tools useful you may always donate and support the development of them. Contact us to obtain our banking details.

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